An easy and simple way to make banners

A banner ad can be quite an effective tool for promoting various business websites and web stores. In many ways, banners constitute one of the main means for digital e-commerce promotion directed at surfers - and is used for traffic enhancement on many platforms and websites. In fact, it is now the most common tool used in digital promotion campaigns on social media, as well as on various mobile apps and other desired "real estate" all over the web.

If your website or e-commerce shop is in need of promotion, a banner ad is a comfortable and efficient tool for such a purpose. Many sites, blogs, and apps allocate space for banner ads on their site as a means of funding - or exchanging banners as mutual promotion initiatives. Furthermore, it is quick and simple to create banners by yourself with the assistance of a banner maker – a program which is designated solely for the creation of a variety of banner ads – and is often quite easy to use.

It might take some time to learn a few tricks and shortcuts, but once you get the hang of it, you will have a powerful skill that will enable you to easily and efficiently promote your site, product or service.

What Is a Banner - and What Is It Used For?

Banners are basically graphic promotional ads, created in most cases by banner makers, and are displayed on various platforms. The different options for using a banner maker are used to create banners that can be applied to promote many sorts of business. Mostly, their purpose will be addressing various CTA's (Call-to-Actions) to potential customers such as filling surveys or forms, clicking buttons, registering to a newsletter or directing the surfers to a specific published site.

Banner ads which are created by a banner maker app mostly consist of image or video files and other multimedia alternatives featured by various technologies, such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Java, social media banner creating tools, etc. These technologies are used to combine animations, sound, and videos into an actual banner - and are designed to attract the surfers' attention more effectively – while driving them to take desired actions.

Banner Structure

A good banner, designed with a professional banner maker, consists of several components:

  1. Heading – which most of the time contains the business/product/offer name.
  2. Subtitle or short description - with additional information about your proposal.
  3. A high-quality relevant image – that speaks a thousand words.
  4. Business logo – for branding purposes.
  5. Call to action – because your audience needs to act.

TIP: If there is more than one banner on the same page (for instance, inside the page header and on the sidebar), It is very important that they differ from one another - but will still "speak the same aesthetic language" as the rest of the surrounding elements, as well as the entirety of the webpage content.

This will enable the banner to be perceived by the user as an integral part of the digital content – instead of as a foreign object or interference, as advertisements often may be perceived.

Different CTA's and Purposes Will Require Different Banners

Using a Banner Maker to Create a Successful Banner

The web is swamped with a myriad of free software that you can use banner makers, and there are even dedicated tools which will enable you to create wonderful hassle-free banners in no time.

Hence, here are some helpful tips that will assist you in creating not just beautifully designed banners - but also ones that would be compelling and will drive your visitors to notice your CTA's and increase the chance they will click through:

Devise Your Banner's Core Ideas in Advance

Before we even launch our favorite banner maker, it is fundamental that we also sit and envisage our purposes, our call to actions. Basically, construct in advance what kind of message we want to deliver to our audience - and to what end. While you're at it, you also should make sure that the very essence of these components will be stated clearly in the headline or subtitle. Think of a creative and original way to refine this essence and cast it into the headline text.

In the next paragraph, we will reveal some more information that will help you facilitate a refined message.  But for now, just remember that most people are lazy readers, so make sure that the most important information will appear at the beginning of the description - and the rest of the content will support it with additional information.

If You Make a Great Banner – They Will Come

The following description should provide you with all the information required for your customers to follow through on your call to action on the most two frequent cases for banner use.

Use Your Banner Maker to Match Your Text with a Perfect Image

Once you have perfected your message to its finest details, it is time to take the next step – which gets us to creative.

You can study your banner maker meticulously and reveal the various templates, banner editing and design options, banner sizing options, and fonts that are available to you via the software. But the image you will use as your background will give your banner the unique touch and personalize it. Make sure to use the aesthetics that will communicate your message and will trigger the emotions you want to be related to your product, desired actions or offer.

There are many images that are available free on public access online. Comprised with the right fonts, colors and other elements that will personalize your message such as your brand logo, symbol, slogan or color scheme - a banner maker should allow you to create the entire aesthetic dimension of your banner.

And finally - most importantly – remember that in most cases less is more. Keep your design simple and clean.

Banner Types

There are many kinds of banners that consist of all types of technologies, media, and designs that will call your visitors to action in a variety of ways.

Which Type of Banner Should I Choose?

There are several issues that should be taken into consideration to determine which kind of banner to use to promote our website. Here are a few final thoughts we think you should consider.

So, it basically comes down to your audience. If your future customers should get acquainted with your brand and know some details before reaching out to you – an animated and modern banner is preferable. And in most other cases? Both will do. But a static banner can refer to wider audiences. © 2019